How To Apply

We will shortly be listing pet insurance companies who are offering up to 12 months of free pet insurance or monetary donations to selected individuals or animal charities.

Before you apply for these offers, please read the following guide.

Is it a Genuine Free Offer?

Yes! There are no catches.

It is not a competition that you have to "win", you just apply to the company to be considered. There will be no conditions attached to any free insurance or donation that you are awarded.

Do You Qualify?

The companies featured will obviously not be able to make a free award to everyone. They will be looking for special people with inspirational stories concerned with pet healthcare.

Some companies may consider applications from both individuals and registered charities, while some will consider applications from registered charities only. This will be made clear on their offer page.

If you think you may qualify, all you need to do is contact the company and ask them!

What You Receive?

If your application is successful, you would be awarded either free pet insurance or a monetary donation.

If you are awarded free pet insurance it would normally be for 12 months. In some circumstance, the company may offer you a guaranteed 6 months of free insurance, with the possibility of extending this for a further 6 months at the end of this initial period.

Alternatively, some companies will offer a monetary donation, as there are regulatory requirements in certain countries that legally prevent insurance companies from offering free insurance policies.

The exact details of the award will be made clear by the company on their offer page.


It is quite likely that the company will be interested in promoting your story on their website and social media. If so, you will be asked for your consent during the application process.

It will certainly boost your chances of being selected if your story is also very newsworthy and will offer the company the opportunity to generate some PR value.

Contact the Company

Every company listing on will contain a link that will take you directly to the offer page on their company website. Please read the information on that page carefully, as it will tell you how to contact them and describe the full terms and conditions of the offer.