We are happy to provide free advertising to any pet insurance company that wishes to promote their ethical credentials by offering up to 12 months of free pet insurance or monetary donations to deserving individuals or charities.

There is no advertising fee or commissions to pay. No charges of any kind.

We only feature promotional offers that are fully compliant with the regulatory requirements in their particular country of operation. For example, certain countries (most notably the USA) have rules that prevent the offering of free insurance, if it is given as an incentive to encourage the purchase of a product or service.

In cases such as this, you can simply restrict your offer to monetary donations only and/or applications from registered charities, to make sure you are fully compliant.

Ethical Marketing

Your corportate policies regarding ethical and social responsibility are increasingly important values that potential new customers consider when deciding which company they wish to do business with.

As well as being great for your corporate conscience by "giving something back", it also makes sound business sense as a proven business model, as detailed in this 2015 Nielsen Report, which clearly found a link between doing good for the community and increasing revenue and profitability.

In short, "companies that do good, do well".

Media Value

In addition to the benefits associated with socially responsible marketing, your offer will also generate valuable content which you can publish on your own website, or distribute on social media (as long as consent is obtained for this during the application process).

This will drive increased traffic and customers to your website, creating a "virtuous circle". To put it simply, the more you give, the more you get back.

How It Works

You simply advertise your offer by setting up a dedicated page on your own website. Once you have done that, we will jointly promote your offer by giving you a company listing on which links to your page.

You can either offer to give away free pet insurance or, if regulatory restrictions in your country prevent this, you can simply offer monetary donations. You can make your offer available to individuals and registered charities, or if you prefer, you can restrict it to registered charities only.

It is entirely up to you to decide who will receive an award of free pet insurance or a monetary donation. There is no requirement to make a minimum number of awards.

Once you have selected a deserving applicant, you should contact them to arrange their award and discuss how you wish to promote their story, either on your own website or the applicants website/blog, if they have one.

Your Offer Page

The offer page on your own website should describe in detail what you are offering and the associated terms and conditions, plus an application form for people who wish to be considered.

The page should also state that are jointly promoting your offer.

Please rest assured that you are free to run your offer in any way you wish. We are not going to get involved in the day to day activities, we are simply helping you to promote it. There are only a few terms and conditions of our own, which are detailed below.

Terms & Conditions

  • It must be a genuine offer of either free pet insurance or a monetary donation, with no conditions attached.
  • You should clearly state exactly what you are offering.
  • You should clearly state whether your offer is available to any applicant, or if it is restriced to registered charities only.
  • If you are offering free pet insurance (if your regulatory rules allow it), the offer should generally be for 12 months. However, you are also able to consider applications on a case by case basis and, if you judge it to be necessary, it would also be acceptable to offer a guaranteed minimum of 6 months, with the possiblity that the free cover will be extended for a further 6 months at the end of this period.
  • It is solely your responsibility to check that any offer you make is fully compliant with insurance regulations in your country.
  • The offer should be clearly promoted on your own website. It is going to generate great publicity for you and extra business, so it makes sense to tell people about it.
  • If you intend to promote a successful applicants story on your own website, or on social media, you must obtain their consent first.
  • If a person who you make an award to has a website or blog and they feature links to your company, you should give them clear instructions that any post they make should contain legally required disclosures, such as "sponsored" or "ad" hashtags. Sites such as Facebook and Youtube also require people to make posts like this as "Branded Content".

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